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About us

Our story

UCA Education Consultancy as an idea goes back to early 2010s when our founders Kimia and Khosru were looking for guidance for their own study abroad ambitions. They found a large number of recruitment organisations promoting different countries with a lot of options. However, there was a gap for a consulting approach in this recruitment efforts. Upon finishing their own graduations and on returning to Bangladesh, they set out to fill the gap.

Our Mission & Vision

At UCA Education Consultancy, we are driven by our mission of enhancing the overseas higher education application experience. Our focus transcends beyond traditional recruitment; instead, we take pride in matching the right student with the right course.

Core Values

Personalized guidance and mentorship
Consistent focus on student's individual needs
Commitment to delivering value-driven advice
Establishing long-lasting relationships with students
Excellence, professionalism, and innovation in our services

We are unique

UCA4U is a consulting firm like no other; of-course we do promote a large array of universities and courses, however, we are not a recruitment agency. We take pride in matching the right student with the right course. Students in Bangladesh have varied requirements and interests. There are a lot of influencing elements, like, cost, location, duration, career opportunity and speed of processing. We consider all of these for the student and recommend a course.

Our Core Services

We understand that international students have diverse requirements, preferences and aspirations. Our service offerings reflect that:

Academic Qualification Assessment

UCA evaluates your qualifications, academic history and future potential before recommending suitable universities and courses.

University & Course Selection

Leveraging our global network and detailed knowledge, we guide you through selecting the ideal university and academic path.

CAS interview and Visa Assistance

Our expertise extends to guiding you through the visa application process and ensuring you ace your visa interview.

What Sets Us Apart?

At UCA Education Consultancy, we distinguish ourselves through our personalized approach and commitment to student success.

Tailor-made Services

We place special emphasis on understanding students' unique needs, goals, aspirations and constraints to recommend the best-fit solutions.

Diverse Academic Options

Our students apply to over 50+ higher education institutions worldwide, giving them access to a vast array of tailored courses.

Proven Track Record

Hundreds of students apply and gain admission to top-tier universities with our expert guidance and support.


We have agents who have gone through the British Council trainings and are certified through CAS Shield.


Our Core Team

We work with a wide range of student recruitment agencies and experts. Below are our core team members.

MSW Khosru
Managing Director

British Council Certified Agent, 8233

Scope: Global

An experienced law professional and UK Graduate (LLB, LLM) with a passion to help aspiring students reach their human potential.

Kimia Zaman
Founding Partner & Lead Counsellor

British Council Certified Agent, 8120

Scope: United Kingdom, Australia

A former academic with UK Graduate (LLB, LLM) and a keen interest to empower graduates in finding their dream education.

Mahmudul H Firoz
Chief Compliance & Legal Officer

British Council Certified Agent, 8571

Scope: Bangladesh, United Kingdom

A practising lawyer in Bangladesh and an alumni of British Law, with a passion for legal compliance activities.

Fazlul Karim

Dhaka Office

Shakhawat Hossain
Student Recruitment Lead

British Council Certified Agent, 8550

Scope: United Kingdom

Jannatul Ferdous Taj Mim
Student Counsellor

British Council Certified Agent, 9569

Scope: United Kingdom

Akib Islam
Student Counsellor

British Council Certified Agent, 20677

Scope: United Kingdom

Hasibub Ul Hasan Susmoy
Business Development Intern

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    UCA Education Consultancy Ltd, 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ

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